DIY (do it yourself) home projects are all the rage these days. While this can be a simple, fun, and inexpensive way to spruce up your home, make repairs, and add your personal touch, there are some projects better left to professionals — think anything related to electrical wiring, heights, or structural changes. If you’re looking for a home remodel, that too should likely be hired out. 

Outdoor Projects

Outdoor projects are often done on a DIY basis: building a playhouse or climbing structure, adding a patio or gazebo, upgrading landscaping, or even installing a hot tub and bar surround are often done by homeowners.

However, some outdoor projects need a pro. For example, you can’t make any mistakes if you’re installing a fence around a pool. You can find skilled and reliable contractors online by searching “inexpensive fence companies near me.” Read reviews, ask for estimates in writing, and make sure the company or individual is licensed and insured and has a policy of checking underground utilities before starting work. The average cost of a fence is about $4,500, but that will vary based on size, location, and materials.

Small-Scale DIY

Of course, whatever projects you take on, you should have the skills, materials, and tools to do the job correctly. Simple starter home improvement plans include painting, changing out fixtures, and building and installing shelving or cabinets. These are things that are pretty straightforward, don’t drastically change the value of your home, and you can usually do them inexpensively over the course of a weekend. According to Penny Hoarder, you may even be able to rent some tools to aid you in the process or take a tutorial class from a home improvement center.

Mid-Range DIY

If you’re a bit more ambitious, you might consider projects like building a deck, painting your home’s exterior, or resurfacing your driveway. According to Discover, you might also be comfortable with tasks like replacing a sink, bathtub, or toilet; installing wainscoting or crown molding; or upgrading interior and exterior doors. These projects will require extra work, know-how, and tools, but they’re upgrades that also have the potential to add value to your home — the Aaron Weber Group can help you determine this. Some mid-range projects can benefit from having an extra set of hands, especially projects that require lifting or moving heavy materials.  

Large-Scale DIY

If you’re going big enough to need building permits or specialized tools, hiring a pro may be your best bet. You don’t want to build a casita on your property and then find out it has to be torn down because it doesn’t meet local zoning ordinances and is not up to code. It’s also wise to consider hiring a professional for complex projects, or DIYs that require tools that are difficult to rent and/or operate. If you get halfway through a pricey project and can’t complete it, you may have to hire someone to repair or complete your work, which could cost even more in the long run.

While there are plenty of DIY home improvement projects most families can tackle, use care and caution when deciding what to do yourself and what to hire out. You don’t want to risk life and limb for a new shade structure, and you’ll want to ensure projects are well done to ensure they add to, rather than take away, from your home’s value.

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