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4 Simple But Impactful Ways To Revitalize Your Home As the Pandemic Comes to a Close


If you, like so many other people, have spent a great deal of time in your home since COVID-19 began, you no doubt have become a bit disillusioned with the design of your living space. Although your budget or schedule may make you hesitant to do any major remodeling, there are several efficient and affordable ways to significantly improve the look of various rooms throughout your house. Aaron Weber Group gives you a few ideas worthy of consideration.


1. Add New Furnishings


Fresh decorations and furniture can make a big difference to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Rest assured that you don't need to replace all of your current furnishings; swapping out a handful of the most outdated ones can suffice. Experts like those at HGTV warn against purchasing entire sets of matching furniture. Instead, establish a unifying color in a room while including an interesting variety of pieces. For instance, you could add a new accent chair to your family room and invest in throw pillows of the same color for your couch.


Buying good-quality, larger pieces of furniture can be a strain on your budget, so take advantage of more cost-effective options. Look for good deals on holidays such as Memorial Day or checking used furniture stores.


In addition to swapping out furniture, consider doing the same with hardware. As The Aaron Weber Group notes, “The number of times we open doors and drawers is countless, so give them the update they need. Swapping out door knobs and cabinet, drawer and cupboard handles is a small but great way to update your home.”


2. Refresh Your Walls


Over time, your walls can accumulate smudges and scratches, or they may simply appear old-fashioned. When adding a fresh coat of paint, This Old House recommends carefully considering which colors may best suit your furniture and the structure of your home. Remember that different shades can make a space feel either big and open or small and cozy. Accent walls are a great way to add interest to your space.


Don't forget about the possibility of hanging wallpaper. Wallpaper can often be customized so you can create exactly the design you are looking for. Spoonflower offers more than a million design choices from independent artists, plus a range in options including different fabrics and textures. You can even choose to have a print of your own design, giving you a personalized touch for any wall. On top of that, peel-and-stick wallpaper is temporary, so you can always adjust it if you don't like its original position. These simple updates may even add to the value of your home, as color schemes change in popularity over time.


3. Swap Out Old Bedding and Towels


Though it may require a small investment, purchasing new linens for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom can change the mood of these spaces. Bath towels, for instance, come in bright, cheery colors or classy traditional hues. Bear in mind that darker shades may fade more quickly, while lighter ones can stain. Similarly, think through the fabrics you choose for tablecloths, napkins, and dish towels. Note that the best-looking towels are not always the most practical. Opt for materials that are absorbent, easy to clean, and comfortable.


4. Get Rid of Clutter


You may be able to improve your environment by simply selling or donating things you don't need. Decluttering various rooms can make your home feel larger and more open. Additionally, your decorations may stand out more boldly when there are fewer knickknacks sitting around them. There are many other advantages of eliminating clutter, such as reducing stress and making it easier to access the things you need from day to day.


Though you may not be spending quite as much time at home as the pandemic ends, this is the perfect time to freshen things up for a new season of life. Once your space is updated to your liking, you are likely to be more in the mood to start hosting guests again.