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May 17, 2024

Smart Property Management in BRRRR: Key to Long-Term Rental Success


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The BRRRR strategy, an acronym for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat, offers a comprehensive approach for real estate investors aiming to build wealth. This method focuses on acquiring properties, renovating them, renting them out, refinancing to recover the investment, and repeating the process. Understanding each phase's nuances is crucial for maximizing returns and ensuring sustainable growth in your real estate portfolio.

Maintaining Asset Value

Property management plays a pivotal role in the BRRRR strategy, as it directly impacts the preservation and enhancement of asset value. Effective management includes routine maintenance and ensuring tenant satisfaction. These efforts not only protect your investment but also contribute to a consistent rental income stream, essential for the long-term success of any real estate investment. Proper management strategies also mitigate risks and reduce potential vacancies, further stabilizing your financial returns.

Establishing an LLC

Forming an LLC is a strategic step for real estate investors, providing a shield for personal assets against potential liabilities within your investments. Additionally, an LLC structure can boost your professional standing with financial backers, essential for portfolio expansion. Registering your LLC through a formation service such as Zen business can be more efficient and economical than seeking legal counsel. This approach not only streamlines the setup process but also fortifies your business operations efficiently.

Tenant Screening and Relationship Management

In the Rent phase, selecting the right tenants and maintaining good relationships with them are vital. Comprehensive tenant screening processes help in finding tenants who are reliable and likely to care for your property. Using tenant screening services like TurboTenant helps landlords efficiently verify potential tenants' credit, criminal background, and rental history, ensuring a more reliable and informed leasing decision. Additionally, fostering positive interactions enhances tenant retention, which is crucial for maintaining steady rental income and reducing turnover costs.

Integrating Sustainability in Rehab Projects

Incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials into your rehab projects can significantly enhance your property's market appeal and value. Sustainable upgrades such as energy-efficient appliances and sustainable materials attract environmentally conscious tenants and can lead to cost savings on utilities. These enhancements not only appeal to a broad tenant base but also contribute to the property's long-term value. Furthermore, green certifications can provide additional benefits, including tax rebates and incentives that improve overall investment returns.

Leveraging Tax Benefits in Real Estate

Optimizing tax benefits is an integral part of the BRRRR strategy. Investors can take advantage of various tax incentives, such as depreciation deductions and 1031 exchanges, which allow for deferring capital gains taxes on property sales. Understanding these tax benefits can significantly impact your investment's profitability and cash flow. Proper tax planning and consultation with tax professionals can uncover additional deductions and credits, maximizing your fiscal advantages.

Enhancing Property Appeal with Thoughtful Upgrades

Revamping a property through strategic enhancements can significantly elevate its appeal and marketability. Injecting character through interior design changes makes the space more enticing to potential renters. For inspiration on how to personalize each room, numerous online platforms provide room-specific and theme-based decorating tips. Such thoughtful modifications not only enhance the visual allure but also support commanding more competitive rental rates.

Mastering the Refinancing Process

Navigating the refinancing phase effectively is crucial for extracting maximum value from your investment. Strategic timing and comprehensive financial analysis help in securing favorable refinancing terms, enabling you to cash out on accumulated equity. This step is essential for funding subsequent investments and continuing the BRRRR cycle. Maintaining a strong credit profile and understanding market interest rates are also key to achieving the best possible refinancing outcomes.

Analyzing Long-Term Market Trends

In the Repeat phase, understanding and adapting to market trends is essential for identifying new investment opportunities. Analyzing long-term market behaviors helps in adjusting strategies to align with evolving economic conditions, ensuring the sustainability and profitability of your investment portfolio. Staying informed about regional economic shifts and demographic changes can provide you with a competitive edge in selecting future investment locations. Additionally, keeping abreast of technological advancements and regulatory updates can further refine your investment approach, adapting to the latest industry standards.


The BRRRR strategy offers a robust pathway to building and sustaining a profitable real estate portfolio. It demands a holistic understanding and strategic execution of each phase to truly capitalize on the potential benefits. By embedding efficiency in property management, forming an LLC, and navigating financial landscapes wisely, investors can significantly enhance their market position. Ultimately, the success of this strategy hinges on the continuous adaptation to and anticipation of market trends and investment opportunities.


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April 19, 2024

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient


If you want to save money on your energy bill, it may be time to consider home improvements to make your home more energy-efficient. From small to big improvements, there are many ways to do this. There will be upfront costs, but they will save you money in the long run! Here are a few tips on how you can lower your energy bill and create a more energy-efficient home.

Check Your Windows

Depending on how old the windows are in your home, they may be making a big impact on your energy bill. You can upgrade your windows that both keep hot air in during the winter months as well as cool air throughout the summer. If you don’t want to replace your windows, check for drafts or leaks and seal them so your thermostat doesn’t have to work so hard.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

We don’t expect you to go ahead and replace all of your appliances after reading this, but when it’s time to swap out old appliances with new ones, make sure they are energy efficient. You can check appliances’ Energy Star rating by visiting their website and searching for products.

Improve Your Insulation

Insulation can drastically help reduce your heating and cooling costs. If your insulation hasn’t been updated in over 10 years, it may be time to replace it. According to EPA estimates, homeowners on average can save 15% on cooling and heating costs by effectively air sealing and insulating their homes.

Integrate Smart Home Products

Smart home products give you the best of both worlds. They not only make your home more energy-efficient, but they also provide convenience by automating your home. Your smart home system will adapt to your habits by adjusting your lighting, thermostat, etc. to help reduce your home’s energy output.

Check Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system affects the air quality in your home. They also impact your home’s energy output. As a matter of fact, HVAC systems account for 46 percent of energy consumption on average in U.S. homes. By regularly cleaning, replacing air filters or even replacing an old HVAC system you will save a significant amount on your energy bill.




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April 12, 2024

Interior Design Trends This Spring


This spring we are seeing a burst of inspiration for refreshing our living spaces. We’ve found some of the latest interior design trends for you to add to your home this season.

More Color
This spring, we can expect to see tons of vibrance in homes as people are getting bored of neutral colors. We will see excitement and self-expression in bright paint, patterned wallpaper, and fun furnishings and accessories. If you are looking to add color to your home but are afraid to fully commit, start small. Try layering smaller furnishings and accessories with pops of color and pattern.

Exciting and vivid color palettes are in for the spring and the neutral trend is coming to an end – making way for more characterful tones. We will see less white, beige, and greys in homes and more pink, tan, clay, terracotta, peach, and stone, which work great to warm up any space. Keep an eye out for pastels, as the saturated, zingy tones are making an upgrade this spring to re-energize the home.

Eclectic Takes Over Minimalism
A more eclectic look including updated floral patterns with a contemporary design is starting to gain popularity over the minimalism trend. Maximalism will get a much more cohesive spin as these bold elements are tied together through carefully chosen color palettes. We will see lots of intricate patterns, bold colors, and an abundance of textures. The best way to work this design style into your home is to pick a cohesive color palette and pair patterns and graphics with wallpaper, textiles, and/or accessories. You will want to make sure these elements work by keeping key shades together in your color palette. We will not lose the touches of nature as we see less minimalism, natural elements will still be used in an impactful way, creating stylish design statements.

Antique and Aged Planters
Antique planters and vases are taking center stage in décor both indoors and outside on the patio. Try grouping multiple planters within one room to make a statement. To tie together bold colors, try matching a vase with a color in a wallpaper or a rug.

Glossy, Reflective Finishes
Glossy and reflective finishes will be making their presence known in the upcoming months. This works well in reflective coffee tables or lacquered trays which can help bring light into a space.

Playful Hardware
One simple way you can spruce up a space is by adding new hardware and drawer pulls to dull cabinets. You can expect to see more playful hardware throughout homes this spring. Large-scale marble knobs or bright colorful pulls are a popular choice.

Mixed Materials
Mixing and matching textures is a design trend we are starting to see a lot of and will continue to see. Combining contrasting textures adds depth, tactility, and a sense of personality to any space. One material that is on the rise is cork. Cork brings warmth, and texture, and is sustainable.

Dramatic Lighting
Lighting is becoming increasingly decorative in the design world. The right lighting can transform the look and feel of a space. Lighting can come in bold shapes, silhouettes, and textures. Create a striking focal point and captivate patterns of light and shadow by using cones, scallops, and domes to enhance the ambiance of a room. We will see lots of aged brass and patina bronze within the lights as well.



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March 27, 2024

Budgeting for a Move

Regardless if you are moving hundreds of miles or just down the street, it is going to cost you money. You can try to cut back on certain moving expenses, but it still is going to take some cash to get you to your new place. If you don’t plan for these expenses it can cause a decent amount of stress. There will be places you can cut costs but make sure you have enough saved up to cover any moving costs that may arise.

Moving Supplies

The amount you spend on moving supplies should be pretty low, but you still should include it in your budget. You’ll need to have moving boxes, packing tape, trash bags, and other supplies to effectively pack up your things and get them to your new home. Again, the cost of these supplies will be relatively low compared to some other moving expenses but add it to your budget anyways.


One question you will have to ask yourself is if you can handle moving everything on your own or not. There are plenty of moving companies who can help you get your things to your new place, but that may not be the only option. You could ask a couple of friends or family members to lend you a hand! 

Traveling Expenses

If you hire a moving company, they will give you an estimate on how much they will charge, and they will take the distance of your move into account. If you opt to move yourself, there will be other expenses you will have to include in your budget. You will likely have to rent a moving truck. It’s also going to cost you gas money to move with your own car.

Furniture & Décor

If you plan on moving all of your old furniture and décor to your new place, you can skip this section. If you need new furniture and décor, you will want to look into that beforehand. Furniture can be pretty expensive, so this is something you should account for in your budget when moving into a new place.

Stocking the Shelves


When you move to a new home, you will need to spend a little extra at the grocery store to fill up your pantry and refrigerator with food. You likely won’t be able to bring all of the groceries you had at your old place, so account for a bigger grocery bill when you first move in. You will also need to buy other household items if you didn’t bring them from your old place such as dish soap, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, etc. Take an inventory of everything you plan on buying when you move into your new home so you can have a better idea of how much money you will need.





March 15, 2024

What Home Buyers Want in a Home in 2024


With the current state of the market bringing us high interest rates and low inventory, homebuyers have shifted their wants and needs.  Among the top design trends for 2024 is a shift to better, not bigger homes. The average size of a new home continues to inch smaller as affordability becomes more difficult. People are shifting their overall design preferences and placing a higher value on personalization and authenticity.  

Homebuyers want to personalize their homes! Home sellers can use this to their advantage when listing their homes by using the spaces they already have to highlight how homebuyers can turn your house into their home. Here are some home features that remain at the top of buyers’ wish lists this year.

Kitchen Updates
The kitchen remains the heart of the house with this space being one of the number one features home buyers look at. In HomeLight’s most recent End of Year 2023 Top Insights Survey, 92% of agents say modernizing your kitchen is the best way to appeal to today’s buyers.  If your kitchen appliances don’t appeal to a buyer, your chances of selling your home quickly or for top dollar can dramatically decrease. Granit or quartz countertops are also at the top of the list for many buyers, elevating any kitchen. Painting the cabinets and adding some new hardware is an easier and less expensive upgrade. These swaps alone can change everything in a kitchen. Adding an island if the space allows can also update the look without having to do a full kitchen remodel.

Improved Patio, Porch, or Deck
Buyers are very attracted to outdoor spaces right now with covered patios being particularly popular. Homeowners want to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements. Backyard decks and usable front porches can be huge selling points. With more than $7,000 on average in resale, building a deck can be a great investment when trying to sell.

Outdoor Entertainment Amenities
Buyers want amenities that they can use in their outdoor spaces. Buyers love outdoor kitchens, backyard barbeque equipment, and outdoor fireplaces which are perfect for entertaining.

More Livable Spaces
While the size of homes might be decreasing, homeowners are still looking to make the most of every space within their homes. This can look like finishing a basement or attic space or converting basements and bonus spaces into recreation areas, playrooms, game rooms, or a home office.

Storage is a key feature for many home buyers. Lots of kitchen storage, walk-in pantries, large closets, and additional garage storage is a huge plus for buyers. If you are trying to sell your home, make sure to highlight these areas for those coming to look at your home.

Energy Efficient Features
Homebuyers are increasingly prioritizing energy efficiency in their homes. Energy-star-rated windows and appliances and energy-efficient lighting are very attractive to buyers right now. Any features that use less energy can be helpful when promoting a listing.

Real Estate Agents are going to be your best bet when knowing buyers’ wants and needs in your area. Understanding this will not only benefit the buyer but also the seller of the home they choose. Speak with an agent before deciding which upgrades and renovations are worth your time and money!





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March 8, 2024

Tips For Adding Color to Your Home


When it comes to home décor, committing to color can feel overwhelming. Painting your walls bright green may seem like a big risk, as well as expensive and time-consuming. We have some tips for bringing color into your home without fully committing. These are easy, inexpensive swaps that you can make to liven up your space.

Add Vibrant Rugs
A new rug is a great way to transform a space as it provides a room with texture, pattern, or color, and sometimes those things together. Rugs can be a great base to start within a room. You can play off of a pattern area rug and then match décor and art to the colors in that rug.

Powerful Pillows
Throw pillows can be the perfect (and inexpensive) way to add accent colors to a room. Colorful prints can bring a neutral-colored sofa to life. If you already have throw pillows, you can buy different pillow colors to swap them out when you need a refresh.

Lively Curtains and Blinds
Curtains can be a good bang for our buck and can be easily swapped out. Framing your windows with a fun, colorful print can be a good way to bring color into your home without fully committing.

Natural Accents
A great way to infuse a joyful atmosphere into any space is to bring colorful flowers and planters into your home.

Subtle Lamps and Lights
Lamps and lampshades can be a great opportunity to add color to your house. Consider adding decorative lighting over a piece of artwork or a stand-alone lamp for added ambiance.

Keep it Simple
Work on balancing bright colors and patterns with strong neutrals. This can work well with a neutral-colored sofa with a colorful rug and pillows. Or try matching art with colors found in a patterned rug.




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Feb. 16, 2024

Quick & Easy Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Looking for ways to be productive this weekend? Look no further. There are plenty of things around the house you can easily check off of a to-do list. Cleaning and organizing your home is a good way to restore some order in your house. A lot of the things on this list are tasks we tend to put off unless we set aside some time to take care of them. Here are a few tasks you can tackle this weekend.


Clean & Organize Your Pantry

Your pantry can get out of control pretty quickly if you aren’t careful. Use storage containers and labels to organize bulk items like flour, sugar, rice, etc. Also don’t open a new box of something until you are completely done with the one you’ve been using. That’s an easy way to avoid having three boxes of the same cereal piled in your pantry at the same time. Once you have an organizational pattern set in your pantry, it’ll be easier maintaining a clean pantry going forward!


Clean & Clear Your Fridge

Just like our pantries, our refrigerators can get a little bit neglected at times. Take time to toss the old, spoiled food from your fridge and wipe down the shelves to make sure it’s clean. The last thing you want when you open your fridge is a nasty smell coming out of it!


Purge Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet is always something we can work on. Most of us have clothes in our closets that we haven’t worn in years! It’s time to part with those items, which will clear up space for clothes that you do wear!


Fix the Squeaky Doors

Squeaky doors can be pretty annoying. It’s usually one of those things we tend to put off because it does need to be fixed but it would be really nice if it was. It doesn’t take very long either! Simply remove the hinge pins, wipe them clean, put a little grease on them and you’re done!


 Organize Drawers

The drawers in our house, whether they be for silverware, food containers, miscellaneous items, etc., could always use some tidying up. Clearing out and organizing your drawers will not only make more space, getting them organized will help you find things you’re looking for much easier! Besides, it’s a pain when you are trying to find the matching lid for food containers because your drawers are so unorganized. Do yourself a favor and clean them up!


The Little Things

There are a lot of little things around our house that could use our attention but are easy to forget about. Take a little time this weekend to take care of those tasks. Clean your toothbrush holder, dust ceiling fan, disinfect your remotes and light switches.




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Feb. 14, 2024

Designing Your Bedroom to Get a Better Night’s Sleep


Having a hard time getting a good night’s rest? It may be partly due to how your bedroom is designed. There are some simple things you can do right now to change up your bedroom to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Dark Colors

You may prefer brighter paint colors in the living spaces you spend your day in, but your bedroom is the place where you should consider something a bit darker. We aren’t saying you should paint your walls black, but some darker blues might have more of a calming effect on you compared to walls painted white.


The lights we have in our room can play a role in our ability to fall asleep as well. As opposed to bright lights that illuminate the room, opt for warmer colored lights that are softer on the eyes when it’s time to wind down. You can also try using darker lamp shades to decrease the amount of light given off by your lightbulbs.

Window Treatments

Most people close their blinds at night for privacy and to block out any light that could shine through your window. However, when you want to sleep in later than the sunrise, you may want to consider using blackout curtains. This will keep your room darker than conventional blinds or curtains so you can have a sounder sleep without the sun or bright lights waking you up too early.

Remove Clutter

Do you ever have a hard time focusing on tasks when your house is messy? Having a cluttered bedroom can have the same effect on your sleeping habits. By keeping your room clean and having an organized space for each of your items, you won’t be anxious thinking about your cluttered bedroom when it’s time to go to bed.


Last but not least, your room should be comfortable. If you are waking up with back pain or feel like you’re tossing and turning to get cozy, it may be time to invest in a new mattress. While you’re at it, you might as well buy bedding that makes you feel comfortable too. To add to the comfort level in your room, get a rug to lay on the floor so you have a soft surface to walk on.






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Feb. 6, 2024

How to Make an Outdated Home Feel New


Eventually, every home will look or feel outdated. New trends and styles are constantly coming out and the way our homes look will change as a result. You don’t need to completely renovate every room in your house to make some beautiful changes. As a matter of fact, you can update your home with some simple updates. So, whether you’ve owned a home for a long time or just bought one that needs some updating, we’ve got some tips for you!

Paint, Paint and More Paint

The simplest way to make a home feel like new is to paint! A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room. You can also paint your cabinets if you want the switch up the look of your kitchen without replacing everything. Want to add curb appeal? Give your front door a pop of color! If you need help determining what paint colors to choose, check out our blog Determining Paint Colors.

Swap Out the Hardware

Even if they don’t look outdated, the hardware in our homes naturally wears down over time. The number of times we are open doors and drawers is countless, so give them the update they need. Swapping out doorknobs and cabinet, drawer and cupboard handles is a small but great way to update your home.

Let There Be Light

Is the lighting in your home dull? You may want to consider swapping out those old light bulbs with LED lights that will make your home feel more vibrant! Making your home brighter is one thing, but updating old light fixtures and light switch covers is also a great step to making your home feel like new.

Replace Faucets

An old faucet, whether it’s in the kitchen and bathrooms, can date a room immediately. They can collect grime and become gross over time. You can get a new faucet to match the handles you replace on your bathroom drawers!

Get Rid of Old Window Treatments

Do your window treatments transport you back decades when you look at them? It may be time to swap them out. There are endless options for window treatments. Pick a style that matches your freshly painted walls to create some consistency throughout your home.


If you aren’t looking to make major renovations, get a start on these smaller projects to transform your home into something you’ll be proud of. These few tips are sure to make your home look decades younger. You may not even recognize your home after you are done with all of these


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Feb. 2, 2024

Choosing Your Castle: The Advantages of Newly Built and Previously Owned Homes



Embarking on the journey to homeownership involves a crucial decision - to buy a newly built home or a previously owned one? Each option brings its unique set of advantages, catering to different preferences and priorities. In this post, we'll explore the distinct benefits of both, helping you navigate the exciting path towards finding your dream home.

Advantages of Newly Built Homes:

1. Modern Amenities and Design: Newly built homes often boast the latest in architectural design and come equipped with modern amenities. From open floor plans to energy-efficient appliances, these homes are tailored to contemporary living standards.

2. Customization Opportunities: One of the most significant advantages of a new build is the ability to personalize your space. Choose your preferred floor plan, select finishes, and make your home a unique reflection of your style and taste.

3. Reduced Maintenance: With everything brand new, you can enjoy a period of minimal maintenance. New construction often means updated electrical systems, plumbing, and appliances, reducing the likelihood of immediate repair needs.

Advantages of Previously Owned Homes:

1. Established Character and Neighborhoods: Older homes are often situated in well-established neighborhoods with character and charm. Tree-lined streets, mature landscaping, and a sense of community contribute to the overall appeal.

2. Negotiation Room: Buyers of previously owned homes may find more flexibility in negotiations. Sellers are often willing to discuss the asking price, providing an opportunity for cost savings or potential upgrades.

3. Immediate Availability: Unlike the waiting period associated with new construction, previously owned homes are ready for immediate occupancy. This can be advantageous for those seeking a quick and seamless transition.

Conclusion: Whether you lean towards the sleekness of a newly built home or the timeless charm of a previously owned one, both options present unique advantages. Consider your lifestyle, preferences, and long-term goals to determine which path aligns best with your vision of home. In the end, the perfect home is the one that resonates with your heart and meets the needs of your family. Happy house hunting!