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Every home-based business owner needs a dedicated workspace. Separating your business from your personal life helps you focus on your work by eliminating distractions and promoting greater productivity. Whether you work as a remote freelancer, provide home-based services to local clients, or sell products online, a great home workspace is essential! Here are some fundamental things to consider as you start designing the perfect home office space.


Consider Sizing Up Your Home


If your home just doesn’t have enough room to allow your business and personal life to cohabitate, it may be time to upsize to a larger house. Look for a new home with a spare bedroom or a garage you can convert into a workspace. Alternatively, seek out properties that will accommodate a separate structure, similar to a backyard shed or workshop, in which you can set up your business.


Just make sure you plan carefully for this major decision, including looking at your budget and searching for home prices that suit it. When you're ready to start the process, the skilled and talented team at Aaron Weber Group can assist you in finding the perfect Madison home, but there’s still more to consider. Look at your mortgage options so you know your exact buying budget. And if your business has been dealing with financial setbacks as a result of COVID-19, know that there are resources available that can help you stay afloat including government programs and private grants.


Don’t Neglect Security


After choosing a location for your business workspace, security should be your next priority. According to CNBC, over 40% of cyber attacks specifically target small businesses, the majority of which are forced to shut down within six months. So, it’s essential that you protect the future of your business with a good virus protection plan. There are several things you can do to improve the security of your home-based business, from investing in new antivirus software for your devices to protecting customer data in cloud-based storage systems with strong encryption and multi-factor authentication.


Think About Your Work Style


When it comes to the actual design and layout of your home-based workspace, pay attention to function over aesthetics. Everyone works differently. Depending on the kind of work you do, you may need to come up with a unique office setup to meet your needs. If you do a lot of handwriting or sketching, for example, you will need a much larger desk than if you do most of your work on a computer. Incorporate enough storage into your workspace so you can keep all of your supplies out of the way. Storage space is especially important if you hold inventory. For simple storage options, lidded bins (a pack of six sells for less than $60 on Amazon) can do the trick.


Focus on Customer Comfort


Will you be meeting with clients or customers in your home workspace? Make sure they feel comfortable coming to your home. If you can’t build a separate building on your property, make sure your workspace has its own entrance. This way, your clients won’t have to walk through your home to reach your office. It’s also wise to secure a convenient spot for guest parking and paying attention to your home’s curb appeal. These elements can say a lot about your business, so make sure they’re giving off the right first impression.


Choose the Right Aesthetic


Finally, make sure the design of your office makes you feel energized and motivated. Add sufficient lighting to prevent eye strain and create a relaxed mood, incorporate some plants for refreshing greenery, and choose paint colors that promote productivity. Yellow paint is great for boosting motivation and creativity while blue and green hues tend to be more calming. Choose a color theme for your office that helps you feel positive and focused throughout your workday.


Designing a home workspace is bound to improve your productivity and help you take your business to new levels. Plus, it can be a lot of fun to design a dedicated space for your independent venture. From picking out the perfect space to painting the walls, there’s a lot to consider, so start planning your design today!



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