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Nov. 25, 2021

Your Guide to House-Hunting While Navigating the Rest of the Pandemic


If you need to buy a home in Madison, you may be wondering how to undertake your search and visit prospective properties during the remainder of the pandemic. The solution, however, is surprisingly simple. Thanks to modern technology and fastidious agents, buying a home can be done almost completely virtually if you're not comfortable with visiting homes in person just yet. Ready to dive in? Consider the following resources from the Aaron Weber Group.


Search for Properties

The first step to buying a home is, of course, researching available listings. The following resources have you covered.


Connect with an Expert Real Estate Agent from the Aaron Weber Group

Search for Your Next Home on the Best Real Estate Websites

How to Find Foreclosures and Government-Seized Homes Online

Research Neighborhoods by Population, Age Distribution and Schools


Open House Alternatives

Even as COVID-19 vaccinations continue to rise in the country, many homebuyers still prefer to attend open house virtually. If you're hesitant about in-person showings, check out the following resources.


Here’s How to Safely Tour Real Estate During Coronavirus

3D Home Tours — Why Buyers and Sellers Love Them


Close the Deal

From mortgage points to moving tips, the following resources will guide you through other key components of the homebuying process.


Decide if Mortgage Points is Right for You by Using a Points Calculator

A Guide to Safe Home Inspections During COVID-19

A Buyer’s Home Inspection Checklist

Buying a House? Sign Your Documents Electronically

Tips on How to Move Safely During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond



Truly, life goes on, even as the pandemic continues to play out, and so should your search for your forever home. Who knows? You may find that you have one more beautiful thing to look forward to when the pandemic ends — a gorgeous new home just waiting for you.


If you need more assistance with buying a home, the Aaron Weber Group is here for you. Call us today at (608) 556-4179.



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Nov. 17, 2021

Preparing Your Home for Cold Weather


The cold Wisconsin weather seems to be here to stay. As a homeowner, that means there are a few things you may need to do to prepare your home for the long winter months. If you’ve already gotten a jump start on this, then you’re ahead of the game! If not, here are some tips to make sure your home is set for winter.

Seal Leaks and Drafts

Gaps between doors or windows can leave space for cold air to creep into your home. This can have quite the impact on your heating bill throughout the winter season. Make sure to check for leaks and drafts and seal them up to keep the cold air out and the warm air in!

Inspect Your Furnace

The last thing you want is for your furnace to go out in the middle of winter. It is recommended to have your furnace inspected by a professional each year. So, before the ice-cold temperatures and snow arrive, make sure you get your furnace inspected! The last thing you want in the winter is for your furnace to go out and be stuck with no heat.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

This is such an easy thing to do that can potentially be lifesaving for you and your family. Most detectors have buttons to run a test alert to make sure they are working properly. You may want to swap out batteries on any detectors that are running low.

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies

Wisconsin winters can be fierce at times and when winter storms roll in you will want to be prepared. In the case where a winter storm causes a power outage, you may want to have a portable generator on hand until the power is back up. It’s also always a good idea to have a supply of non-perishable food items and water handy.

Make Use of Rugs

Rugs can be used year-round but are especially useful during the winter months! Keep rugs by any entry doors around your house so your family or guests have a place to wipe the snow off their shoes or to set their shoes before entering your home. Rugs are also great to place throughout the rest of your home to have something warm and cozy under feet in non-carpeted spaces.





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Nov. 9, 2021

Top 10 Home Features Buyers Want


If you are starting your home search you are likely compiling a list of home features that matter most to you and your family. This list will help you narrow your home search and will ultimately be the guide that will help you determine which home you buy. As a seller, you may wonder what home buyers are looking for. It may influence future home renovations so when the time to sell your home comes, your home will be more attractive to potential buyers. Here is a list of the top ten home features buyers want according to What Home Buyers Really Want, 2021 Edition.

Top Most Wanted List (Out of 200+ Features)

  1. Laundry room
  2. Exterior lighting
  3. Ceiling fan
  4. ENERGY STAR rated Windows
  5. Patio
  6. Double kitchen sink (side-by-side)
  7. Walk-in pantry
  8. Front porch
  9. ENERGY STAR rated appliances
  10. Hardwood floor (for main level living area)



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Oct. 15, 2021

Renovate or Move?


There comes a time for just about every homeowner when their current home isn’t fitting their wants or needs. Luckily, they have options to fix that! The two obvious options are either renovating your current home or moving altogether, but how do you decide which is best for you?

Reasons to Move

Sometimes moving makes more sense than renovating your home. Here are a few reasons why moving might make more sense for you.

You Need Space

If your family has grown since you bought your home, things can start to feel crowded. Renovating could potentially fix that problem, but more often than not you will need to move to get the added space you and your family needs.

Move-in Ready

Sometimes people want to renovate because their home feels outdated. When you renovate, it takes time to get to the end result. You are going to have to wait weeks or even months until you can live normally in your home. While renovations are going on you may not be able to use a section of your home like your bathroom or kitchen and that can create some challenges. If you don’t think the hassle is worth it or you don’t want to deal with weeks or months of construction, moving might make the most sense for you.

Change Locations

Some people love where they live and can’t imagine living anywhere else. On the other hand, some people want a change of scenery. If there’s a town or neighborhood you’d like to live in, then moving is the choice for you! Changing locations might also be necessary if you’ve landed a new job and are looking to cut down your commute time.

Reasons to Renovate

Moving is a great option for many homeowners, but maybe a home renovation will suit you best! Here are a few reasons why you may want to renovate instead of move.

Bring Your Vision to Life

As mentioned previously, you may want to renovate because your home is feeling outdated. When you renovate, you get to choose how the new look of your home will turn out! You won’t get that luxury when buying a new home. Sure, you can find a home that has a style and layout you like, but renovating your existing home gives you full control of what the end result will look like.

Emotions Are Involved

People often develop an emotional attachment to the home they live in. It’s a place you build memories with loved ones and that can make it hard to move on from a house. By renovating your home, you get the best of both worlds. You get to stay in the home you’ve grown to love and you also get to make improvements so that it fits your current wants and needs.

Which Option is Best for You?

There’s a lot of factors that way into the decision of moving or renovating. Weigh those options and decide what makes the most sense for you and your family.




Oct. 11, 2021

3 Common Home Buying Myths


There is so much information out there when it comes to the home buying process. There are also tools that can better help you find a home that you can live in for years to come. Before you start that process of finding your future home, we need to get a few things straight. Here are three common myths when it comes to buying your first home.

You Should Start the Home Buying Process After You Find a Home You Want

Finding a home you love has become easier with the help of apps and websites such as You can put in your search parameters to narrow down a list of available properties that fit what you’re looking for until you eventually come across a few homes that spark your interest. Once you pick one you might think you’re ready to buy. The only problem is you aren’t even sure the home you picked is in your price range. Before you start the home search, make sure you get pre-approved for a loan so you know how much you can afford!

Your Down Payment is the Only Upfront Cost

Saving up for a home takes time and often people only think about saving up for the down payment for a new home. In reality, there are other costs that you will have to pay for when you buy a house. You will have to pay for inspection fees, potential repairs, closing costs, etc. Make sure you not only save up for those additional costs but also keep an emergency fund in case other unforeseen costs pop up when you buy a home.

Buying a Home Without a Realtor is Easy

Information is readily available to us at any moment. That includes information about the home buying process. The internet is certainly a helpful tool to help you prepare for buying a home, but it won’t do everything you need when it’s time for you to buy. Even though the internet can provide a wealth of information, it won’t provide you with the experience a real estate agent has. From market knowledge to previous experience in negotiations, a real estate agent can make the home buying process significantly easier for you. Here at the Aaron Weber Group, we make sure that all your real estate needs are met. We'll be there from start to finish making sure it's a hassle free real estate experience.




Sept. 17, 2021

If You Haven’t Considered Downsizing, Here’s Why You Should

If you’re looking for real estate specialists with reputations of being responsive, locally connected, knowledgeable, and expert negotiators in the Madison region, The Aaron Weber Group is your go-to source. If you're serious about selling or finding a home, reach out to us today! (608) 556-4179


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If You Haven’t Considered Downsizing, Here’s Why You Should


Downsizing is a term we often associate with retired people or seniors who are left with an empty nest, but downsizing can benefit homeowners of all ages. Think about it this way: What is something you’d like more of? Time? Money? Well, downsizing can provide you with both, making it a decision you should strongly consider. Read on for some suggestions from The Aaron Weber Group.


More Money to Go Toward Savings

One of the largest expenses homeowners face are mortgage payments; according to CNBC, house payments average 30 percent or more of your gross income. That’s a significant punch to your wallet. By moving into a smaller home, you lower your monthly mortgage payment, which translates into extra cash as well as savings on those dreaded interest payments. Plus, if you plan out the real estate transaction carefully and wait for the right deal, you may be able to use the money from selling your current home to pay for your smaller home in cash. Even if you still have a mortgage payment on your new home, you can enjoy the decrease in real estate taxes.


Utilities are yet another high expense for homeowners. To see just how much you are spending, divide the square footage of your home by your monthly heating/cooling bill. For example, a 2,500-square-foot home with a monthly utility bill of $300 means you are paying .12 cents per square foot to heat and cool your home. Add to this the fact that a large home gives you more room to store stuff (including items you never use), and you are paying to have a comfortable room temp in spaces you never use such as spare bedrooms, closets, and the garage.


More Time for Life

Time is hard to come by these days, but as Tammy Strobel will tell you, downsizing gave her more time. In Strobel’s case, the downsize was drastic, as she and her husband went from a 1,200-square-foot apartment to a 128-square-foot tiny home built just for them. While a move such as this is doable, any sort of downsize could mean that you are able to take a lower-paying job with more flexible hours, start your own business, or have more time to pursue hobbies.


Yet another benefit of smaller living is less maintenance. When you add up the time you spend cleaning, keeping the exterior of your home in order, doing yard work, and performing regular maintenance, it’s no wonder you are grasping for more time. Perhaps you’d like to have more family time, exercise more, hang out with friends, or just stress less about the current state of chaos your home is in. Downsizing requires that you minimize your belongings and your space, so with less to keep up, you earn back that precious time to do with what you’d like.


Quick Moving Tips

If you decide downsizing is the right move for you, or are at least considering it, remember these tips to make moving a breeze:


     The first step in finding the perfect home to fit your current needs is to research homes or apartments in your designated area. Then hire a knowledgeable realtor like Aaron Weber when it’s time to move and sell.


     Declutter. A smaller home means less space for your belongings, so it’s a good idea to spend some time decluttering and paring down items before you move. It might be a little overwhelming, but just imagine how stressful it would be if you arrived at your new home and realized that everything wouldn’t fit.


     U.S. News & World Report advises having a plan. Moving sounds simple enough, but there are more steps than you might think, such as sorting, packing, hiring movers, notifying service providers, etc. Moving day is busy enough without having to be concerned about sorting through items.


     It’s not a race, so create a timeline to stay organized and feel that sense of accomplishment when you check off an item.


     Hire movers. If you're planning to move, opt to hire a professional moving company to ease your stress during the move. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings will arrive safely. Plus, loading up a moving truck requires ensuring nothing shifts in transit, something movers are experts in.


You might not realize it, but downsizing comes with some great benefits. By moving into a smaller home, you’ll save both money and time—two items everyone is searching for more of. If you think downsizing might be right for you, take your time to ensure your next home meets your needs, but on a smaller scale.


Sept. 9, 2021

This Weekend in Wisconsin: September 10 – September 12


South Central

Sep 10, Arun Luthra’s Konnakol Jazz Project, Madison

Sep 10-11, Chilimania, Edgerton

Sep 10-11, Mississippi Mayhem, West Salem

Sep 10-12, Beloit Heritage Days, Beloit

Sep 10-12, Dairy Days Celebration, Platteville

Sep 11, Apple Dumpling Day Festival/Races, Elroy

Sep 11, Beaver Dam Pepper Festival, Beaver Dam

Sep 11, Kids Building Wisconsin, Fitchburg

Sep 11, La Crosse Pride in the Park, La Crosse

Sep 11, Lazy Beaver Canoe Race, La Valle

Sep 11, Madison Brewery Bike Race, Madison

Sep 11, Pardeeville Watermelon Festival, Pardeeville

Sep 11, Thirsty Troll Brew Fest, Mount Horeb

Sep 12, Schumacher Farm Park Heritage Fest, Waunakee

Sep 12, Heritage Sunday, Beloit

Sep 12, Ironman 70.3, Madison

South East

Sep 10, Sip & Fall in the Schauer – The Acoustix, Hartford

Sep 10-11, Summerfest, Milwaukee

Sep 10-11, Tosafest, Wauwatosa

Sep 10-12, Apple and Sunflower Fest, Colgate

Sep 11, Charlie Berens Live, Slinger

Sep 11, Great Lakes Brew Fest, Kenosha

Sep 11, HAWS Fall Family Fun on the Farm, Delafield

Sep 11, History Hill Music Festival, Sheboygan

Sep 11, Oconomowoc Fall Festival, Oconomowoc

Sep 11, Taste of Mequon, Mequon

Sep 11, Zoo Debut, Racine

Sep 11-12, Trimborn Farm Harvest of Arts & Crafts, Greendale

Sep 11-12, Wilde Subaru Frank Mots International Kite Festival, Milwaukee

Sep 12, Clark House Museum Harvest Fest, Pewaukee

Sep 12, East Tory Electric Railroad Sunday Brunch Trains, East Troy

Sep 12, Starving Artists’ Show, Milwaukee


Sep 10-11, Inaugural 2021 Wolfman Dryathalon, White Lake

Sep 10-12, Granton Fall Festival, Granton

Sep 10-12, Pacelli High School Panacea, Stevens Point

Sep 10-12, Stumble Stump Rendezvous, Antigo

Sep 11, Bloody Mary Competition with Gilbert Brown, Stevens Point

Sep 11, Celebrate Amherst Music and Craft Festival, Amherst

Sep 11, Great Taste Festival, Black River Falls

Sep 11, Greenwood Summerfest and Car Show, Greenwood

Sep 11, Historic Point Basse Harvest Fair, Nekoosa

Sep 11, Kruzin for K9s, Wausau

Sep 11, Mini Market, Wausau

Sep 11, Rock the Rink Concert & Cookout, Mosinee

Sep 11, Thorp Harvest Festival, Thorp

Sep 11-12, Artrageous Weekend, Wausau

Sep 12, Fire Department Annual Car Show, Black River Falls

Sep 12, Car and Motorcycle Show, Loyal


Sep 10, Brews, Bistros, & Bonfires featuring Heartache Tonight, Green Bay

Sep 10, Oktoberfest, Waupaca

Sep 10, Wheels on Water Street Car & Cycle Cruise, New London

Sep 10-11, Baby Clydesdale Week Celebration, Ripon

Sep 10-11, Fall Heritage Festival, Menasha

Sep 10-11, North by Northwoods: 3 Lakes Music Crawl, Three Lakes

Sep 11, Art Activity Day – Barn Quilts, Neenah

Sep 11, Chicken Wire Empire, Fond du Lac

Sep 11, Crafty Apple Festival, Chilton

Sep 11, Fall Fest, New London

Sep 11, Fondue Fest, Fond du Lac

Sep 11, Jazz in the Garden, Oshkosh

Sep 11, Market on Main, Little Chute

Sep 11-12, African Violet Show & Sale, Oshkosh

Sep 11-12, Horse and Buggy Days, Weyauwega

Sep 12, Grandparents Day at Mulberry Lane Farm, Sherwood


Sep 10-11, Lake Chippewa Flowage Musky Hunt, Hayward

Sep 10-12, 2021 Annual Classic Boat & Schooner Rendezvous, Bayfield

Sep 10-12, Forest County Fair, Crandon

Sep 10-12, Project North Festival, Rhinelander

Sep 11, 29th Annual Colorama Arts & Crafts Fair, Boulder Junction

Sep 11, Downtown Rhinelander Chalkfest, Rhinelander

Sep 11, Mercer Fall Color Classic Bike Tour, Mercer

Sep 11, Mural Fest & Classic Car Show, Ashland

Sep 11, Namekagon River Cleanup, Hayward

Sep 11, North & South Twin Lakes Musky Tournament, Phelps

Sep 11, Oktoberfest, Rhinelander

Sep 11, Radar Run at the Airport, Land O Lakes

Sep 11, Run for the Taps, Merrill

Sep 11, Saturday Arts in Heritage Park, Hurley

Sep 11, SepTimber Ride, Eagle River

Sep 12, Northwoods Humane Society/OSCA 1K Dog Walk, Hayward



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Aug. 10, 2021

Five Basement Renovation Ideas


Are you finally ready to complete your unfinished basement? Well, you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for ideas on how to use your new livable space! There are so many options on what you can create when you decide to finish your basement, so here are five of the best ideas for that unfinished space.

Extra Living Room

An extra living room is probably the most common thing people turn their basement into. It gives your family an extra space to hang out. It’s especially nice for bigger families who want multiple spaces to relax, watch tv, or have an extra space for kids to play.

Additional Bedroom

If your family is growing, then you might want to consider adding an extra bedroom in the basement. Even if you don’t need it for your immediate family, an extra bedroom can serve as a guest room if you have friends or family coming to visit. Adding an extra bedroom is also likely to add value to your home when you’re ready to sell it!

Home Gym

Staying active is important to your health, so why not use some space in your basement for a home gym? Not only will this save you money on a gym membership, but it may also be easier to work up some motivation to get a workout in when you only have to walk down a flight of stairs as opposed to driving to a gym.

Theater / Game Room

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a home movie theater or game room? Sure, this is more of a luxury than a necessity, but if you have the budget and additional space then this is a fun idea. It will also give you a great excuse to have family movie or game nights.



Tired of your kids’ toys cluttering up the main level of your home? You may want to consider adding a dedicated playroom where you can store your children’s toys and free up some much-needed space upstairs. This will help to keep the mess off the main level while giving your kids an area all to themselves.



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Aug. 6, 2021

This Weekend in Wisconsin: August 6 – August 8


South Central

Aug 6-7, Cambridge Maxwell Street Days, Cambridge

Aug 6-7, Downtown Beloit Street Dance & Sidewalk Sales, Beloit

Aug 6-7, Maxwell Street Days, Whitewater

Aug 6-7, Sugar Maple Music Festival, Madison

Aug 6-8, The Sessions at McPike Park 2021, Madison

Aug 7, 4th Annual Next Level Park Street Music Festival, Madison

Aug 7, Art in Motion Parade, Mineral Point

Aug 7, Crazy Daze in Tomah, Tomah

Aug 7, Holla in the Vines, Sauk City

Aug 7, Meet & Greet and Gilbert’s Games, Fort Atkinson

Aug 7, MUTED (Musicians United to End Displacement), Beaver Dam

Aug 7, Music on the Mount, La Crosse

Aug 7, Portage City Flea Market, Portage

Aug 7, Super Saturday Truck & Tractor Pull, Johnson Creek

Aug 7, Waterfest 2021, Mauston

Aug 7-8, La Valle Celebration 2021, La Valle

Aug 8, Cambridge Ribfest, Cambridge

Aug 8, Potosi Area Fireman’s Catfish Festival, Potosi

South East

Aug 6, Mill Street Live Summer Musical Show, Plymouth

Aug 6-7, Delavan Maxwell Street Days, Delavan

Aug 6-7, Johnsonville Brat Days, Sheboygan

Aug 6-7, Lambapalooza 2021, Wauwatosa

Aug 6-7, Peacetree Music Festival, Kenosha

Aug 6-8, 2021 DeerFest, West Bend

Aug 6-8, IMSA Sportscar Weekend, Elkhart Lake

Aug 6-8, Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis

Aug 7, Harbor Fest, Kenosha

Aug 7, Hartford Balloon Rally, Hartford

Aug 7, Music in the Park: Willy Porter, Theinsville

Aug 7, Squad 51 on the Square, Racine

Aug 7, The Pioneer Olympics & Mini Lantern Parade, Sheboygan

Aug 7, Waukesha Art Crawl, Waukesha

Aug 8, Bluegrass at the Village, Saukville

Aug 8, Car Show in the Park, Waukesha

Aug 8, Family Kayaking Adventure, West Bend


Aug 6, Bonduel Lion’s Club Corn Roast, Bonduel

Aug 6, SK Speedway Racing, Bonduel

Aug 6-7, MC Country Fest, Gleason

Aug 6-8, 16th Annual Vintage Snowmobile National Championship Show, Marshfield

Aug 6-8, 59th Annual York Rodeo, Black River Falls

Aug 6-8, Owen Junior Fair, Owen

Aug 6-8, Rib Lake Ice Age Days, Rib Lake

Aug 6-8, Wisconsin Valley Fair, Wausau

Aug 7, Boomtown Truck & Tractor Pulls, Curtiss

Aug 7, Central Wisconsin Car Cruise 2021, Wisconsin Rapids

Aug 7, Chili Freemont Fire Department Street Dance, Chili

Aug 7, Hope Community Farm Benefit Horse Show, Custer

Aug 7, The Oxleys at Main Street Taps, Stevens Point

Aug 8, 1st Annual Sausage Fest, Weston

Aug 8, Annual Brat Fry & Corn Roast, Wausau

Aug 8, The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White, Amherst

Aug 8, Wisconsin Valley Coin Show, Wausau


Aug 6-8, Green Lake County Fair, Green Lake

Aug 6-8, Mile of Music Festival, Appleton

Aug 6-8, Mishicot Riverfest, Mishicot

Aug 6-8, Winnebago County Fair, Oshkosh

Aug 7, Heritage Days & Rail Fest, New London

Aug 7, High Cliff Ultra, Sherwood

Aug 7, Kayak for InCourage, Manitowoc

Aug 7, Packers Family Night, Green Bay

Aug 7, PawPalooza, Malone

Aug 7, Prairie Fest, Fond du Lac

Aug 7, Sand Bar Bash 2021, Winneconne

Aug 7, Scoop the Loop, Ripon

Aug 7, Two Rivers Beer Dash, Two Rivers

Aug 7, Waupun Fine Art & Craft Fair, Waupun

Aug 7-8, Sauerkraut Festival, Bear Creek

Aug 8, 65th Annual Galloway House & Village Ice Cream Social, Fond du Lac

Aug 8, An Evening with the Avett Brothers, Green Bay

Aug 8, Kiwanis Car/Motorcycle/Vintage Camper Show 2021, Manitowoc


Aug 6, Music on Miner, Ladysmith

Aug 6-7, Eagle River Antique Show & Sale, Eagle River

Aug 6-7, Stanley’s City-Wide Thrift Sales, Stanley

Aug 6-8, Iron County Heritage Festival, Hurley

Aug 6-8, Musky Jamboree Weekend, Boulder Junction

Aug 6-8, Plein Air Painting Festival, Port Wing

Aug 7-8, Golat Implement Days, Ladysmith

Aug 7, Annual Car Show, Three Lakes

Aug 7, Ashland Downtown Days, Ashland

Aug 7, Boats N Boards, Boom Lake

Aug 7, Forgotten Fire Concert, Marinette

Aug 7, Land O’ Lakes Community-Wide Garage Sale, Land O’ Lakes

Aug 7, Laona Community Soup Centennial, Laona

Aug 7, Pontoon Boat/Poker Run, Manitowish Waters

Aug 7, Ride with Leinie, Land O’ Lakes

Aug 8, 11th Annual Founding Father’s Golf Outing, Phelps

Aug 8, Wynona Judd & The Big Noise, Bayfield



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July 23, 2021

Should You DIY or Hire a Pro?

DIY (do it yourself) home projects are all the rage these days. While this can be a simple, fun, and inexpensive way to spruce up your home, make repairs, and add your personal touch, there are some projects better left to professionals — think anything related to electrical wiring, heights, or structural changes. If you’re looking for a home remodel, that too should likely be hired out. 

Outdoor Projects

Outdoor projects are often done on a DIY basis: building a playhouse or climbing structure, adding a patio or gazebo, upgrading landscaping, or even installing a hot tub and bar surround are often done by homeowners.

However, some outdoor projects need a pro. For example, you can’t make any mistakes if you’re installing a fence around a pool. You can find skilled and reliable contractors online by searching “inexpensive fence companies near me.” Read reviews, ask for estimates in writing, and make sure the company or individual is licensed and insured and has a policy of checking underground utilities before starting work. The average cost of a fence is about $4,500, but that will vary based on size, location, and materials.

Small-Scale DIY

Of course, whatever projects you take on, you should have the skills, materials, and tools to do the job correctly. Simple starter home improvement plans include painting, changing out fixtures, and building and installing shelving or cabinets. These are things that are pretty straightforward, don’t drastically change the value of your home, and you can usually do them inexpensively over the course of a weekend. According to Penny Hoarder, you may even be able to rent some tools to aid you in the process or take a tutorial class from a home improvement center.

Mid-Range DIY

If you’re a bit more ambitious, you might consider projects like building a deck, painting your home’s exterior, or resurfacing your driveway. According to Discover, you might also be comfortable with tasks like replacing a sink, bathtub, or toilet; installing wainscoting or crown molding; or upgrading interior and exterior doors. These projects will require extra work, know-how, and tools, but they’re upgrades that also have the potential to add value to your home — the Aaron Weber Group can help you determine this. Some mid-range projects can benefit from having an extra set of hands, especially projects that require lifting or moving heavy materials.  

Large-Scale DIY

If you’re going big enough to need building permits or specialized tools, hiring a pro may be your best bet. You don’t want to build a casita on your property and then find out it has to be torn down because it doesn’t meet local zoning ordinances and is not up to code. It’s also wise to consider hiring a professional for complex projects, or DIYs that require tools that are difficult to rent and/or operate. If you get halfway through a pricey project and can’t complete it, you may have to hire someone to repair or complete your work, which could cost even more in the long run.

While there are plenty of DIY home improvement projects most families can tackle, use care and caution when deciding what to do yourself and what to hire out. You don’t want to risk life and limb for a new shade structure, and you’ll want to ensure projects are well done to ensure they add to, rather than take away, from your home’s value.

Are you looking to sell and buy a home now or in the future? Learn how the Aaron Weber Group can help. 608-556-4179

Photo by Pixabay

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